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    Robert Barnes and 500 Years of Justification by Grace Alone – Jacob Smith

    A wonderful, engaging talk on some of the key players in the Reformation (with a little help from Carl Jr.) by the Rev. Jacob Smith:

    Robert Barnes and 500 Years of Justification by Grace Alone – Jacob Smith from Mockingbird on Vimeo

    Just In Time for Christmas: The Mockingbird Box Set!

    When we sent out our tenth issue, the Love and Death Issue, we decided we wanted to do something fun with the remaining copies of all our back issues. Thus, we unveil to you The Mockingbird Box Set! We can’t believe how beautifully they’ve turned out. Available now and ready to ship for Christmas! All of the first ten issues in a stunning slipcase, designed by our sensei Tom Martin. Price is $120 (including shipping) and quantities are limited, so if you know of a friend, clergyperson, ostracized in-law, or your very own mother, who just needs a little special treatment this Christmas, act quickly and click on the image below!

    The Gospel of Alexander Hamilton

    The Gospel of Alexander Hamilton

    If you haven’t yet snagged your e-version of Never Satisfied Until Satisfied In Thee: Finding Grace in Hamilton, now’s your chance! Mockingbird’s latest e-book is a wonderful collection of gospel-centered essays about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s landmark musical, Hamilton. Edited by Tim Peoples and Cort Gatliff, this e-book features fresh essays by Stephanie Phillips, Michael Sansbury, Lauren R.E. Larkin, Margaret Pope, Matthew Linder, Amanda McClendon, and the editors themselves.

    The following excerpt comes from Cort’s introduction:

    My life can be divided into two distinct eras: Before Hamilton and After Hamilton. On October 1, 2015, after months of following the online hysteria and critical acclaim, the former era came to an…

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    Hopelessly Devoted: Ezekiel Chapter Forty Seven Verses One Through Ten

    The second video from our DC conference is here! Adam Morton’s devotion that opened our session on Saturday. It’s a beautiful one:

    Devotion on Ezekiel 47:1-10 ~ Adam Morton from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

    The Mockingcast Rides Again!

    Exciting news: we’ve just dropped the first new episode of The Mockingcast in eight months, complete with fresh artwork and music (ht JAZ), as well as the debut of new co-host RJ Heijmen! Among other subjects, David, Sarah, and RJ talk Disneyland, church aunts, harassment, male libido, Advent, and the difference between justice and revenge.

    Click here or on the image above to listen and/or subscribe. And remember, our feed changed over the hiatus, so if you think you’re already subscribed, you may not be. (Oh and the iTunes reviews and ratings didn’t survive the hiatus either, so if you feel so inclined… it’d be a huge help). You can go here to access the links we discuss on the program.

    Thank you x 1million for your patience. We’ll have another episode in two weeks!

    p.s. Those suffering interview-withdrawal are enthusiastically encouraged to check out Scott Jones’s wonderful Give and Take podcast.

    In the Year of our Lord of the Church Split by Joy Roulier Sawyer

    In the Year of our Lord of the Church Split by Joy Roulier Sawyer

    This poem was originally published in the Food & Drink issue of The Mockingbird.

    In the Year of our Lord of the Church Split
    by Joy Roulier Sawyer

    In the Year of our Lord of the Church Split,
    we stopped phoning Donna
    for her recipe for sugared baked beans;
    forgot Lorraine crocheted the soft blue blankets
    for our newborn sons.

    In the Year of our Lord of the Church Split,
    we dodged one another in the poultry department,
    years of picnics—glazed ham & fried chicken—
    packed away carefully on ice.

    In the Year of our Lord of the Church Split,
    we wept alone over miscarriages, divorce;
    our needles moving soundlessly through linen,
    cross-stitching unbroken threads.


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    The Future of Protestant Theology with Dr. Simeon Zahl

    Very pleased to share following lecture on the future of Protestant theology. Delivered this past Monday, November 27th, by Dr. Simeon Zahl (University of Nottingham), it was the inaugural event of the Aberdeen Centre for Protestant Theology at King’s College, University of Aberdeen. Enjoy!

    No, Actually, I Don’t Work Out – Nick Lannon

    The first video from our 500 Years of Grace event in DC is here! And it’s of Rev. Lannon’s fantastic talk from Friday night, AKA the one with the killer joke at the beginning:

    p.s. Our big year-end newsletter & appeal goes out this week, and we’d love to send you a copy. Just sign up for our (physical) mailing list and we’ll take care of the rest!

    Pre-Registration for our 2018 Conference in Tyler, TX, Is Now Open!

    Very excited to announce that pre-registration for our upcoming 4th annual conference in Tyler, TX (2/23-24/2018) is now open at Our theme this year will be “The Wonder of Grace” and our plenary speakers will be John Zahl, John Newton and Charlotte Getz. On Friday, there will also be a special concert by Eric Earley of Blitzen Trapper! Which is very exciting indeed. Watch this space for an announcement about breakout speakers in mid December.

    For more details, or to pre-register today, click here.

    And for a sense of what you can expect, here’s the round-up video from last year:

    PZ's Podcast: Motivate!

    PZ’s Podcast: Motivate!

    EPISODE 238

    This is a short talk on motivation and love. What motivates a person to do something — to REALLY do something. As opposed to remaining endlessly exhausted and trapped, within a cycle of inner conflict and desuetude.

    As usual in PZ’s Podcast, love is the answer. But how? And why? Karl Barth’s decisive mistake is exposed — without animus. Parishioners’ failed self-knowledge, let alone my own failed self-knowledge, is exposed — by experience.

    You have to start with experience. It doesn’t mean you have to end there. But you have to start with your own experience.

    Simeon Zahl never tires of saying…

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    2017 DC Conference Recordings

    2017 DC Conference Recordings

    Thank you again to everyone who helped put on the “500 Years of Grace” event two weeks ago in DC, especially our friends at All Saints Chevy Chase! What a truly special time it was.

    The audio from the event is now available on The Mockingcast feed and our Recordings page. As per usual, we are making the recordings available for free; we only ask that those who were not able to be there consider making a donation to help cover the cost of the event. Individual links are as follows:

    No, Actually, I Don’t Work Out – Nick Lannon
    Devotion on Ezekiel…

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    Waiting At the Altar (No Longer!): Bob Dylan's Gospel Years

    Waiting At the Altar (No Longer!): Bob Dylan’s Gospel Years

    As promised, a review of the long-awaited Trouble No More boxed set documenting Bob Dylan’s gospel years, courtesy of resident Dylanologist Ken Wilson, who’ll be seeing his 55th (!) show on Friday.

    In a career full of surprises, the most amazing is still the “born again” period. Sure Bob Dylan had shocked his folkie fans, and enraged Peter Seeger (or so the legend goes), by going electric, i.e. commercial, at Newport. Sure, he’d retreated from public view and been rumored dead in the wake of a serious motorcycle accident, rhymed “moon and spoon” and crooned with Johnny Cash, and toured…

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