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Joe graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor's degree in interpersonal, organizational communications and a minor in cinema studies. He is currently the campus director for a college ministry in Jacksonville, Fl and a firm believer that we're "going to need a bigger boat." You can follow his thoughts on twitter: @joenooft


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    Mining Netflix: The Common Mess of a <em>Punch-Drunk Love</em>

    Mining Netflix: The Common Mess of a Punch-Drunk Love

    (For the optimal reading experience, listen to the film’s soundtrack on Spotify while reading.)  The phantasmal kid films of the mid to late 1990’s functioned as educational catechisms for my comprehension of cinematic storytelling. And make no mistake, the 90’s were a golden age for children’s movies. With the birth of Pixar in ‘95 and the […]

    Mining Netflix: A Baller’s Sanctification in <em>Linsanity</em>

    Mining Netflix: A Baller’s Sanctification in Linsanity

    You didn’t have to be a basketball fan to know what “Linsanity” was in 2012, you just needed a pulse. When an athlete like Jeremy Lin surfaces, the whole world can’t help but oogle for a minute or two. Jeremy Lin, undoubtedly, earned the rights to that cagey nickname because, plainly, “insanity” was the only […]